5 Things You MUST DO After Your First Week of College Classes

Hey everyone! Who's excited for the first day of school? I am, but I know that will be short-lived since I'm about to get a new round of syllabi from project intensive courses. But this year is going to be more of a breeze than my freshman year, thank God. I'm going to be real with y'all: My freshman year was rough. Like, really rough, because I didn't know how to set myself up for success for the semester.

The Collegiates' Guide to Professionalism: Punctuality

The other day I was meeting someone for lunch. We had agreed to meet at 12:30 at the restaurant. I managed to show up about 5 minutes early because the place is known to get pretty crowded for lunch, and decided to grab a table. At 12:45, I receive a text message saying that she is on her way from school, which was about 5 minutes away from where we were meeting...

The Collegiates' Guide to Professionalism: Social Media and the Workplace

The Collegiates' Guide to Professionalism: Social Media and the Workplace

Social media.  Oh yes, I'm going there.

More and more employers are starting to check social media on their employees. I, like many of you, have heard stories of people getting fired because they were trashing their company online. I know, most of us would never think of doing this in our right mind. But what happens when you've had a bad day at the office, there was a conflict with someone at work, or you disagree with your boss? The best thing and saddest thing about social media is that, most of the time, our accounts are connected to our emotions and personal lives.

The Collegiates' Guide to Professionalism: Language in the Workplace

The Collegiates' Guide to Professionalism: Language in the Workplace

Language is an important part of business that is often overlooked. So many people are taking this aspect of business less seriously than the other aspects because they don't realize the implications of their actions. It's also the component that bothers me the most, aside from grammar. 

5 Household Necessities Every College Girl Needs

5 Household Necessities Every College Girl Needs

A lot of times when you move into your first apartment, whether it be with roommates or alone, people tell you, "You need this!" or "You seriously can't live without this!" Sometimes, they're right. Other times, I think, "Why on earth would I need a full sized vacuum in an apartment that is 80% laminate floor?"

But what I have to share with you all are 5 college household necessities that I literally use on a daily/weekly basis. I seriously can't live without these items, and if you haven't tried them out, you definitely should.

The Collegiates' Guide to Professionalism: How to Write a Killer Resume

Resumes. The bane of nearly everyone's existence, yet still required for applying for most jobs. Seriously, everyone hates resumes. 

These pesky documents can be a struggle, but with this guide, you'll have a wonderful resume to hand in proudly at your interview!

The Collegiates' Guide to Professionalism: Internship Etiquette

Summer internships are one of the best ways for college students to gain experience in a particular field they are interested in. How you spend your summer can be integral to your college experience and attaining a job after graduation.

So today, we're talking about internship etiquette.

Everything I Actually Used in my College Freshman Dorm

Everything I Actually Used in my College Freshman Dorm

I’ve seen and read a lot of college dorm packing lists and what all to bring. Honestly, a lot of them are by stores and brands trying to justify you buying everything on their list because they want you to… And hey, they're a brand and that’s how they make money, so cool for them.

I know many college students are in the same boat as me, and so I've compiled a college dorm packing list of everything I actually used during my freshman year of college!

How Starting a Blog in College Changed My Life

How Starting a Blog in College Changed My Life

Once upon a time, there was a freshman in college. She had no idea how to study, no idea how hard college actually was. All she wanted to do was go on her next adventure: the college social life. She went to fun parties with her roommate and friends, she joined every organization and for a while, everything was going great. Until her first round of tests came…

How to Take Notes from a Textbook that You'll Actually Understand

Textbooks are overwhelming. Nothing about textbooks is fun. So when you have professors assign readings, sometimes from multiple textbooks, it's easy to become discouraged and want to blow it off. That's how it was for me, until I learned the best method for understanding your textbook and save you time later when you are studying for tests. In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to take notes in a way that will help you absorb the information and reduce your stress later on!

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I am so excited to share with you all this little project I've been working on! 

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